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Advertising Rates

all advertising rates below are for button space in my blog sidebar

standard ad: 125×125 pixels 

$30/month OR

$80/3 months

premiere ad: 261×125 pixels 

$60/month OR

$150/3 months (includes a giveaway!)

pertinent information

• ads start on the 1st or 15th of each month
• payment in full is due at date of booking
• $5 for each button change out.

*no blinking, flashing, or otherwise animated buttons please! if your ad has a lot of white space near the edges, please put a 1 pixel border around it. also please bear in mind that the overall look and style of my blog is important and i may want to work with you to have a button that fits best.

**i try really hard to keep competition among my blog advertisers to a minimum, so please know that if your shop carries items similar to existing advertisers, i won’t be able to accommodate your shop at that time!