About Us

hello! i’m sara, the owner of Burlap & Velvet. i spent most of my life living in the city, swooning over the historical rural homes in Country Living, Better Homes and Gardens, and Martha Stewart Living. so, in late 2006, when I became a rural American transplant, surprisingly enough, i fit right in. like a glove, in fact. peanut butter and jelly. white on rice. you get the picture.

while growing up in “the big city,” i was always fascinated with anything handmade. whenever I would stay at my grandmother’s home she would teach me how to knit, crochet, or sew something fabulous. to this day, she still gifts hand-knit items to our family during the holidays. i still can’t knit or crochet, but the sewing seems to have stuck with me.

once moving to small-town America, people constantly asked me where on earth I learned to sew… “if you’re from the big city, how’d you learn how to sew?” ironically, i ask this question… “if you grew up here, how do you NOT know how to sew?” iIn my head, i imagined that everyone living in rural America lived in the pages of Country Living Magazine. not so. a perfect example of stereo-typing; on both accounts.

consequently, i began creating one of a kind items for many people… and the orders kept rolling in. Enough that I thought maybe this was my calling. thank goodness I finally found it. i’m 34!

and then and there, Burlap & Velvet was born. a little country and a little city all rolled up into one beautiful name.